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Force4 is a tool and framework for the rapid development of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and provision of simultaneous database access to Macromedia Flash applications. Force4 will enable you to significantly reduce the amount of time spent on development, enhance the RIA quality of your applications and generate consistent logical applications for all use cases. Applications can be designed rapidly without programming by using the unique Application Composer. Force4 frees enterprise development teams from labour-intensive programming and thus enables them to use data more effectively to improve the quality of interfaces on critical business applications. Force4 applications contain all the coding required for database access and assured transactions. A&L says it saves up to 90% of development time and reduces maintenance effort significantly. Force4 uses Macromedia Flex as a presentation server. The Flex technology, combined with Force4, ensures solutions with the following functional highlights: - Tools for rapid RIA development - 3-tier support - flash player compatible and transparent - Extended SQL, JAVA, AS and MXML generation - Comprehensive Enterprise Objects Modeling - Immanent data connectivity - API for developers - reliable transaction handling -Unlimited number of databases - Transparent Flex Class Library connections -Shared data pooling + rich client cashing - multilingual content support The Application Composer of Force4 contains extended templates and components, empowering the developer to create intelligent interfaces on the fly and also allowing the implementation of individual adaptations where required. Components include functional containers for all types of data transaction such as search forms, data-grids, and update forms. The composer utilizes all modern user interface design elements such as drag & drop, object manipulations and context-sensitive behavior. All Force4 applications and components composed in this way remain reusable. In addition to the built-in composer, Force4 provides a complete API (application program interface) for the direct integration in Flex applications.

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