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FontExplorer X Pro is a font manager designed for Mac.
19 Mar 2021
15 Sep 2016
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31 Mar 2014
31 Aug 2012
14 May 2010

What's new

v3.5 [31 Aug 2012]
- Ready for OS X 10.8 and Retina Displays. FontExplorer X Pro has been optimized to get the most out of the newest operating system and hardware from Apple.
- FontExplorer X Pro now runs as a native 64-bit application on Intel machines. If desired, it can be started in 32-bit mode by selecting the "Open in 32-bit mode" option in the Information window (select FontExplorer X Pro application in Finder, cmmd + I).
- Conflicts: Improved conflict handling for duplicate fonts. Added more filtering options such as PostScript name, Format, Version and Vendor for greater flexibility and accuracy in detecting duplicates.
- Conflicts: Improved method of resolving conflicts for fonts listed in FontExplorer X Pro but deleted in Finder. It is now possible to replace components of a path when multiple fonts are selected.
- Print Dialog: A "Linotype FontBook" template has been added to the print feature.
- Smart Sets: Improved filtering capabilities of Smart Sets based on classification. Enables searching for fonts that contain only particular classifications.
- Added full support of all unicode planes" enables displaying and printing of 32-bit characters in fonts.
- Character Toolbox: Characters can now be inserted via a decimal or hexadecimal unicode value.
- Font Import: Optional on-screen report generated on local and server Font Import actions. Report can also be saved as a file for future reference.
- Local Sets, Smart Sets and Folders can be duplicated via the context menu or by dragging them to a new location while holding down the Alt (Option) key.
- Detect Fonts in Documents: Documents can be previewed in the "Detect Fonts in Documents" dialog by hitting the space key while the document name is selected (Valid for document types supported by Quick Look. OS X 10.6 or newer).
- Feedback: The "Provide FontExplorer X Pro Feedback" dialog now contains an option for sending a copy of your message to your own e-mail address.
- Software license agreement has been modified.Resolved Issues:
- When installing a quick install (local backup) version of FontExplorer X Pro 3.x, a 2.x client license file was not updated to 3.x.
- Occasional crashes when scanning PDF documents for fonts.
- Improved handling of paths for Photoshop and Illustrator CS5 and CS5.1 plugins in the Plugin Manager dialog.
- Print Layout margins were not remembered after closing the Print dialog.
- When the font list was grouped by font family it was only possible to sort by the Name column. Now the font list can be sorted by all columns when Group Font Family is active.
- Kerning was always shown in the Preview and Detailed Preview when a font contained kerning information. Now the Kerning checkbox can be used in both previews to show the text with and without kerning.
- Several issues around scanning PDF documents for fonts (crashes, no fonts found, etc.).
- When a communication error occurred while attempting to send feedback to Linotype, closing the error dialog with "Don't try" would also close the Feedback window containing your message.
- After updating from version 1.2.3 to 3.1 an "Attempt to mutate immutable object…" error sometimes occurred which prevented FontExplorer X Pro from starting up when the system language was set to German.
- Font Conflicts: Previous scan results were not cleared when a new scan was started for "Fonts listed in FontExplorer X Pro but deleted in Finder.
- Kerning was not shown in the preview or detailed preview although the font contained kerning information. See also "Known Issues".
- Authentication was required to clean the system font caches although Admin-free mode was activated.
- OS X 10.7: If full-screen mode was active when FontExplorer X Pro was quit, the main window would open in a standard-size window when the application was restarted.
- Fonts would occasionally sort incorrectly in Group Font Family view. This resulted in the inability to jump directly to a font by keying the first character in the font name.Known Issues:
- OS X 10.6 only: Fonts with # in their filename will not appear in FontExplorer X when they are located in /Library/Fonts. When imported into FontExplorer X Pro or FontExplorer X Server they cannot be activated nor will they display a preview. Resolved with OS X 10.7.
- After fast user switching FontExplorer X Pro refreshes the fonts in order to ensure that any System Font changes made by other users are available to all users on that machine. When doing this, the FontExplorer X Pro main window will always come to the foreground.
- Mac OS X 10.5.x only (Resolved with Mac OS X 10.6): Removing font suitcases from a System Collection may cause FontExplorer X Pro to crash if some of the fonts in the suitcase are not activated. This may also occur when resolving conflicts and the font suitcase is contained in a System Collection.
- Using Mac OS X 10.5.6" Activate or deactivate the entire suitcase and then remove the suitcase from the collection.
- Using Mac OS X 10.5.8" Move the fonts you wish to keep to a new System Collection, then delete the System Collection containing the suitcase font.PlugIns New:
- Added plugin support for Adobe CS6 applications" Illustrator, InCopy, InDesign and Photoshop. Resolved PlugIn Issues:
Adobe Illustrator CS5, CS5.1, CS 6" Version 3.5.1
- Color swatches are now correctly displayed and no longer produce an empty window.
- Fixed a problem which prevented linked files from being shown or placed in an Illustrator document.
- Resolved an issue which sporadically caused Illustrator to crash during font activation.
- Font activation did not occur when document names contained an umlaut character (Ä Ö Ü).Adobe Illustrator CS5 & CS5.1 Version 3.5.0
- Adobe Illustrator no longer launches FontExplorer X Pro when creating a new document.
- Smart Objects placed in a Photoshop document will now correctly open in Adobe Illustrator on double-click.
- Resolved an issue that would sporadically cause Adobe Illustrator and FontExplorer X Pro to hang when the local library is hidden (FontExplorer X server environment).
- PDFs with embedded fonts no longer cause erroneous font requests.Adobe Photoshop CS5 & CS5.1" Version 3.5.0
- Fixed various crashes associated with opening multiple files.Known PlugIn Issues:
- Photoshop plugin Version 3.5.1. The font request dialog will erroneously open when a Photoshop file is selected in the Open dialog. A crash may result when navigating in the file browser with the arrow keys. Workaround: open files via double-click or by dragging them to the Photoshop application icon.Server Users and Server Administators
 New Features and Improvements:
- Server font license view has been completely reworked to provide more granularity, flexibility, better performance and reporting features.
- Server font license information has been extended to include license name, location and comments in addition to the license count. These attributes can be specified during font import or directly in the License View.
- Added capability to automatically synchronize with the LDAP directory at a scheduled time.
- Available credentials are now passed through when Fetch DN is called in the LDAP panel.
- It is now possible to select all (CMD + A) or multiple server groups and security levels (shift or CMD + click) in the Account Management panels for the purpose of deleting them.
- All lists can now be sorted by any column in ascending or descending order.
- Added a Server preference setting to FontExplorer X Pro which will allow the user to specify whether FontExplorer X Server fonts will be reactivated or not when FontExplorer X Pro starts. Default setting is "reactivate".
- Added a setting in the Plugin Manager and Font Request preference dialogs to control automatic deactivation of server fonts activated by a plugin or global font request. When allowed, automatic deactivation will occur when the requesting application quits.
- It is now possible to remove fonts from server from the font list of a server set or server folder. Previously fonts could only be removed when viewing the font list of server font library.
- Server Sets and Folders can be duplicated via the context menu or by dragging them to a new location while holding down the Alt (Option) key.
- Upon creating a new server set or server folder the name will automatically be selected so that a new name can be immediately created.Resolved Issues:
- Summary and Login panel: When authenticating against an LDAP server the first entry in the user name login popup will show the available domain. An explicit entry is also shown for the Server Administrator (was previously a blank entry).Server Known Issues:
- Due to changes to better handle concurrent user load, server upload and download times may be slower than those seen with FontExplorer X Server version 1.5.

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