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Convert, manage, and organize font data.
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Check out a toolset for accessing and managing symbol fonts. Access a set of elements for processing and converting the materials into individual graphics. Select vector or bitmap graphic output options, and generate style sheets and tables for code mapping and naming.

Font Pestle is an application for preparing symbol fonts and converting them into individual graphics. Font Pestle converts a font into a collection of individual graphic files. Each symbol within a font can be converted into a vector or bitmap graphic. Font Pestle can also create style sheets and tables mapping code points to names. Font Pestle can convert a symbol font into a collection of PDFs, great for printing at any size, or into a collection of PNG/TIFF/GIF files, ideal for including in web pages. Within Font Pestle you can customise the look and style of the symbols before converting. Fill, stroke, and background colour can all be customised.
What are Symbol Fonts? Symbol fonts are specially crafted collections of graphics suitable for the web and for publishing in general. Each font contains a collection of artwork representing logos, symbols, and iconic images.
Font Pestle comes with a selection of high quality free and open symbol fonts. Between them are hundreds of beautiful symbols ready to use in your print and web projects: Elusive Entypo Font Awesome Fontelico Iconic Linecons Meteocons MFG Labs Modern Pictograms Typicons Web Symbols You can also open TrueType and OpenType symbol fonts downloaded from the web or from your favourite type foundry.

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