File Finder Lite - sort&find files 3.9

Free Analyze drives and detect all types of files.
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Scan the drives of your Mac device, external storages, etc. Automatically detect the files stored in folders, check their formats, media types, compatibility with the system itself and various applications. View detailed statistics on the content variations.

*****Please check FULL version for more useful features, including deleting files, browse thumbnail, double click to open files, show in finder and etc *****
Want to quickly find out what type of files are in your disk? and how much space they occupied? This App is what you need!
1. Fast scan disk, sort and find files quickly, easy and accurate.
2. Quickly calculate the number of each type of file as well as the disk space occupied.
3. Quickly calculate folder and all its sub-folder size.
4. Quickly find out the biggest folder and the biggest file.
5. Quickly find out all empty folders.
6. Quickly find out all hidden files and locked files.
7. Support to read the content of package file and bundle file.
8. MAC OSX sandbox enabled, ensure having no any influence to your system.

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