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It allows you to customize your folders with just about any color.
Question by J. Hunter
November 20, 2017

Most of the time when I use Folder Colorizer, everything works fine. Sometimes, I will select a color, drag and drop the selected folder into the space to the right of the folder showing the selected color, and click COLORIZE, and nothing happens. So far as I know, all the folders on my desktop are the same. Why can most be colorized and others not?

Answer by Sean Hill

The latest update released for this application was a long time ago, more exactly on Nov 12, 2015. The problem might be related to the version of OSX installed on your Mac. If it's newer than 10.6, it might not have full support to Folder Colorizer.

However, I recommend reinstalling the software because at this point, it's the only thing you can do.

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