FoCal Pro

FoCal Pro 2.0

It calibrates auto-focus adjustment value of your camera and lens combination.
2.0.2081 (See all)

FoCal is a utility which helps calibrate the auto-focus adjustment value of your camera and lens combination quickly at the touch of a button.
FoCal is a software program you install on a Mac (1) and a special target which you print out and attach to a wall (2). To use it, you connect your camera to the computer with the standard USB cable and launch the software. FoCal guides you through the correct positioning of the camera with on-screen Live View assistance, then you can run any of the tests.

FoCal works with Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras that support AF Microadjustment / Fine Tune.

FoCal comes in 3 different versions: Standard, Plus and Pro.

FoCal Pro provides many totally unique functions in addition to its core task of auto-focus calibration, including:
- Aperture Sharpness – find out the sharpest aperture for your lenses
- Autofocus Consistency – check out the autofocus performance of you camera.
- Dust Analysis – find out how much dust is on your sensor, and which aperture it will start affecting images.
- MultiPoint Focus Test – automated comparison of many focus points, and even full individual calibration.

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