FMOD Designer

FMOD Designer 4.4

It is a world-leading library and toolkit for the creation and playback of interactive audio.
4.4 (See all)

FMOD Designer 2010 features an improved layout and many workflow enhancements designed to make creating game audio faster and easier. Together with extensive engine integrations (see below) the aim of FMOD Designer 2010 is to make the lives of game sound designers much easier - allowing them to spend more time being creative and producing stunning game sound.

New for FMOD Designer 2010 is the FMOD Unreal Engine 3 integration. This is the deepest Unreal Engine 3 audio integration available and provides an unparalleled level of flexibility. FMOD also has integrations with the following game engines:
CryENGINE (FMOD is the default audio solution)
Unity (FMOD is the default audio solution)
Unreal Engine 3 (FMOD Designer 2010 features a deep integration)
BigWorld (FMOD is the default audio solution)
Vision Engine

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