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Manage and remove Flash cookies in your system.
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Gain access to the Flash cookies working with objects in and out of browsers and associated applications. Automatically scan the standard folders for storing and managing the cookies, view them on a list or automatically remove all elements to increase security.

Flush... Flash Cookie Removal Tool For OS X.
For those who do not know about Flash cookies, more properly referred to as Local Shared Objects (LSO), they operate in a similar way to regular browser cookies but are stored outside the purview of your browser, meaning you cannot delete them from within your browser, whether Safari, Firefox, Opera or any other. Typically they are issued from sites or 3rd party sites that contain Adobe Flash content. Since virtually all Internet advertising is delivered in Flash, Google/Doubleclick and all other Internet advertising companies are sure to be tracking your browsing behavior with Flash cookies. These companies can see you traverse the Internet as you come upon the plethora of sites that contain their embedded advertising.

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