Fluid Noise Generator

Fluid Noise Generator 2.0

Create and customize media with fractal noise sets.
2.0 (See all)
Majic Jungle Software
Create tiling looping images and movies using fractal noise elements. Generate a variety of materials from clouds, fire or water to marble, wood grain or rusty metal. Specify the size and format of the loop, set it as a background for a multilayered image or a movie, etc.

Fluid Noise Generator is a powerful fractal noise generator, which can generate tiling looping images and movies from scratch, using a function similar to perlin noise to create reliable and repeatable results.
Common Uses:
- Height maps and matching textures for terrain generation in games or 3D modeling
- Create tiling background images for web sites
- Create animations for use in movies.
- Animated noise texture creation for use when making games, or as an input to GLSL shaders or 3D applications
- A powerful substitute for noise generators in compositing or image creation applications
- Export 8 bit or 32 bit seamless tiling images
- Export animated seamless tiling, looping image sequences or movies
- Uses all available CPU cores to deliver fast responsive editing
- Supports drag and drop, undo / redo and saving of parameters for later use
- Can export normal maps in 8 bit or 32 bit floating point TIFF or OpenEXR.

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