FlowerShop 1.2

FlowerShop is a nice application which includes an interactive story.

FlowerShop is a nice application which includes an interactive story. The story is about a college boy who breaks up with his girlfriend and is sent by his dad to a farm to spend his summer holidays. At first, he thinks that his holidays would be the worst of his entire life, but then he meets interesting people and has a lot of fun. The story is told by means of dialogues between the main characters and other descriptions. There will be different backgrounds that change from time to time according to the location of the characters, and the characters will be shown in the scene with different facial expressions and poses that show their moods throughout the story.
You advance in the story by clicking, but you cannot go back to a previous scene, which is really sad. So, if you skipped a part, you will need to start everything from the beginning. In some parts, you may even select your preferred answer from a list of two or three. What is more, the story is accompanied by nice music. Graphics are nice but not very detailed, and there are almost no sounds.
In short, if you love reading stories and you are looking for something romantic with an unexpected ending, you should try The Flower Shop.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice story
  • You may choose how to proceed with the story
  • Nice music


  • You cannot go back to a previous scene
  • Not so many backgrounds
  • Only a few interactive instances
  • Simple graphics
  • No sounds
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