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Flower Paradise is a nice game in which you can create Japanese gardens.
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Flower Paradise is an enjoyable game in which you can create beautiful Japanese gardens. You will need to play match-3 games in order to buy flowers, animals and decor to bring life to your gardens. You will be able to unlock new gardens once you have filled the three gauges at the top of the screen. There are beautiful things to buy and you can place them wherever you want in your garden. If you want, you can even use your gardens as wallpaper.
In the match-3 game, the objective is to turn all the land into grass by aligning three or more flowers of the same type. When you create a match, these flowers will disappear from the board, and new ones will be added. If you manage to align five or more flowers, you will get bonuses such as rain or wind, which will allow you to transform more land quickly. You can also activate the spade power-up by making matches with a certain flower, and this will also help you finish the levels faster. The game offers two modes (timed and untimed), simple but nice graphics, and pleasant music. All the levels will include a beautiful background with a Japanese theme.
In short, if you are looking for a match-3 game with a nice girly theme, Flower Paradise may be an excellent choice.

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  • Enjoyable
  • Two modes
  • You can create lots of gardens and use them as wallpaper
  • Lots of things to decorate your garden


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