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Floola is an iPod and Motorola phone manager for Mac OS X. It also works under Windows and Linux. It allows you to see all the content on your iPod and play music on it. As an audio player, the application works quite fine. It is responsive and quick, even though the music isn't actually on your hard drive. It also allows you to download music from your iPod into the computer.

Floola supports a few iPod devices, but the newer iPod Touch and the iPhone aren't supported. Also, you can't run iTunes while Floola is running. When I first launched the application, it took a little bit for it to recognize my iPod. I was asked to select my iPod type manually, and was warned that if I identified the iPod wrong, data loss could occur. After I clicked on "Save" the application told me that the iPod wasn't recognized and if I wanted to set it up automatically. That worked and my iPod was loaded and all the music on it was listed on the user interface. I could then simply double click a file to start playing music. There is a search box at the bottom to find songs quickly or you can choose an artist or genre from the top of the screen.

Floola has integration with a few social networks like MSN, Facebook, Last.fm and Twitter. You can use this feature to share what you have been listening to with your friends.

It also supports Growl and it uses it to show you notifications. The notifications are mainly about what is being played. You can activate the shuffle and repeat functions to make this player repeat your songs several times and to play them randomly.

José Fernández
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