FloatingKingdoms is a lovely time-management game.
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FloatingKingdoms is a lovely time-management game in which you will visit different islands where you will need to build certain structures. The objective of every level is to build a palace. To build the palaces and other structures you will need to collect some resources like wood and stone and you do it by playing fun mini-games. You will also need to put your workers to work on certain things and upgrade certain buildings. The mini-games include a kind of mahjong games and other puzzles, in which your score would be resources. Moreover, you will also need to feed your workers, so you will need to prepare some pizzas or other meals. For this task, you will need to put the ingredients in the correct order, and then cook them in the oven.

Sadly, the game offers only one mode, and only one difficulty level. Graphics are simple but attractive, sounds are ok, and the music is suitable, but a bit repetitive.

In short, if you are looking for a nice and enjoyable game which includes multiple gameplays and a construction theme, FloatingKingdoms may be the right choice.

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Review summary


  • Lots of mini-games
  • Enjoyable gameplay
  • Lots of things to build


  • Only one mode
  • Only one difficulty level
  • Simple graphics
  • Repetitive music



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