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FlashFrozen is a very useful system optimization tool.
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FlashFrozen is a very useful system optimization tool. As you probably know, Flash is still a big part of the Internet. I think it has been a great technology since its first days, but it can't be denied that Flash can single-handedly turn your computer into a slow, melting box. It is just not optimized enough, neither for Windows nor for Mac, and especially not for mobile devices. Some users like the solution that FlashFrozen provides for them. This utility scans the Flash processes that are opened whenever Flash content is being played on your web browser. It then analyses how much CPU time is used in that process and can warn you if the CPU% goes over a certain number. By default, FlashFrozen will warn you when Flash is using more than 30% of your CPU. But you can change this to 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50%. FlashFrozen runs on the Menubar and its icon will become red when the CPU usage goes over the number that you have established. If you click on the button, all the Flash processes will be terminated, and your computer will become faster and cooler almost immediately.

In short, for only $0.99, FlashFrozen gives you more control over your computer's usage of Flash. It helps you save battery and reduce heat.

José Fernández
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  • It can make your Mac faster and colder


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