Flash Video Downloader 2

Flash Video Downloader 2

Flash Video Downloader 2 - downloads flash videos for you.

Flash Video Downloader 2 downloads flash videos for you from the Internet. The program is free and lightweight. It has quite a few options and the developer is actively working on improving it. The software also allows you to login to a website, so it can scan and download videos from password protected resources.

The program is absolutely free and lightweight. Judging from the developer's website, they are actively working on improving the functionality of the software. The developer mentioned that there are two bugs in the program, but they are more like annoyances rather than huge problems.

While testing the program, I was unable to find any resource, from which I can download a video. I tried to download a video from YouTube, but my attempt was unsuccessful. I tried to download some music videos from various sites, but the program always showed "Failed - The page does not contain a flash video". I guess there is no doubt that the program is useful, its just it is not useful for my needs.

I gave it 2 only because I can see the potential in the program, however, I wish it downloaded the video I wanted from YouTube, and it would had gotten a better grade.

Joshua Wrightwood
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