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Flash Slideshow Maker for Mac 1.40

Flash Slideshow Maker for Mac allows you to create photo slideshows.
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Flash Slideshow Maker for Mac allows you to create photo slideshows. It is a very easy to use application that can create good looking Flash slideshows in a couple of steps. It comes with quite a few different themes and templates that you can use and some of them look quite good.

Although the application is easy to use, I feel like it could be much more so. The first thing I did was add pictures to the interface. I added 15 or so, just to test the app. After your pictures are added, you can change their order by dragging and dropping them. Next, you can select the template that will be used by clicking on "Theme" at the top of the screen. There are three types of templates, and you can access them by clicking on the buttons that read "General", "3D" and "Web Album". After you select a template by double clicking, you can preview the whole thing by clicking on the "Action" menu on the MenuBar. When you are done, you can publish your slideshow and save it to a SWF file and an HTML file that you can then use on your website or open locally using your web browser.

All in all, Flash Slideshow Maker for Mac very well and there are some interesting templates. A little more on-screen help and instructions would be a great addition to this app.

José Fernández
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  • Nice templates
  • It works well


  • It could use some more on-screen help
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