Course For Flash CS5 101

Course For Flash CS5 101

Special App Launch Price - Just $19.99 (Regular Price - $39.50 - Save 50%).
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Special App Launch Price - Just $19.99 (Regular Price - $39.50 - Save 50%).
Are you creating interactive web graphics or banner ads, designing web animation, or distributing Flash video over the web? Then you need to watch this tutorial! In more than 6-hours of detailed, step-by-step training, you'll learn everything from the basics of Flash web production to sophisticated interactive animations for the web.
Flash animator, Geoff Blake, takes you through the fundamentals of drawing with Flash, transforming shapes, working with text, and using Flash’s symbols and buttons. From there, you’re off to the races with timeline animation, object-based tweening, motion editing, and much more. You'll also learn valuable tips for optimizing graphics for the web and field-tested production workflows.
With its incredible vector graphics, high-quality video, 3D animation, sound, and detailed scripting language, Flash CS5 is the undisputed industry-standard platform for web graphics and animation. Join Geoff as he leads you through the fundamentals of this amazing graphics/animation program.
Table of Contents:
1. Welcome
2. Understanding Flash's Components
3. A Look at the Welcome Screen
4. Creating New Movies
5. An Overview of the Interface
6. A Look at Flash's Panels
7. Touring the Flash Toolbox
8. Customizing the Interface
9. Exploring Workspaces
10. Saving Workspaces
11. Setting Flash Preferences
12. Opening Files
13. Zooming In & Out
14. A Zoom Setting To Keep In Mind
15. Fast Zooming Techniques
16. Navigation Techniques
17. Setting Movie Properties
18. Saving Flash Files
19. Drawing Freehand Lines with the Pencil Tool
20. Using the Line Tool
21. Painting with Flash's Brush Tool
22. Brush Tool Modes
23. Erasing Mistakes with the Eraser Tool
24. Getting A Handle on the Pen Tool
25. Drawing Straight Lines and Polygons
26. Drawing Curves
27. Creating Combination Paths
28. Manipulating Anchor Points
29. Drawing Rectangles & Squares
30. Setting A Corner Radius
31. Drawing Circles & Ovals
32. Setting Oval Options
33. A Quick Look At the Primitive Tools
34. Drawing Polygons & Stars
35. Flash's Deco Tool
36. Selecting Objects
37. Using the Lasso Tool
38. Flash's Merge Drawing Mode
39. Flash's Object Drawing Mode
40. Understanding Object Drawing
41. Positioning Objects
42. Duplicating Content
43. Aligning Objects
44. Spacing Objects Apart
45. Transforming Shapes
46. Grouping & Ungrouping
47. Stacking Objects
48. Point and Paragraph Text
49. Formatting Text
50. Creating Multiple Columns
51. Connecting Text Frames
52. Understanding Symbols and Instances
53. Creating Graphic Symbols
54. Graphic Symbol from Scratch
55. Creating Movie Clip Symbols
56. Animating Within A Movie Clip
57. Creating Button Symbols
58. Applying Behaviours to Buttons
59. Using the Library
60. Inserting Instances
61. Editing Symbols
62. Understanding Animation in Flash
63. Flash's Timeline Frames & Keyframes
64. Motion Tweened Animation
65. Editing Tweened Animations
66. Using Motion Presets
67. Using the Motion Editor
68. Introducing Layers
69. Publishing to the SWF format
70. Publishing to HTML
71. Wrap Up

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