FireStarter FX

FireStarter FX

Creates and burns copies of physical disks.
FireStarter FX v1.0
22 Apr 2010

What's new

v1.0 [22 Apr 2010]
- FireStarter FX 1.0RC1 has been redeveloped from scratch and now supports officially only Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. It is a universal application from ground up. It hasn't been tested on previous versions of Mac OS X and we are not intending on supporting them.
- All the previous functionalities are available, in a more robust and hopefully user-friendly version.
- A major new feature has been implemented in this release: automatic split and burn of data folders bigger than the size of the media inserted, as requested by many users.
- I hope you will like it, as we tried to put as much coolness as possible in the application. Please think about giving if you like and use the software, it simple, efficient, environmentally green and brings good karma!

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