Finder Automator Action Pack

Free Expand automation options for your Mac device.
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Automated Workflows, LLC
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Integrate a collection of automation tools to extend the functionality of your system. Work with up to twenty additional actions to search for specific content, perform individual commands, batch-create and manage folders with adjustable names and parameters, etc.

Finder Automator Action Pack... This action pack extends the power of Automator in Leopard with 20 actions for use with the Mac OS X Finder! * Add Finder Item Names to Spotlight Comments* Batch Create Folders from List of Names* Batch Create Sequential Folders* Create Internet Location File* Empty Trash* Filter Finder Items By Size* Get Names of Finder Items* Get Originals of Aliases* Get Parent Folders of Finder Items* Get Spotlight Comments of Finder Items* Hide Extension of Finder Items* Lock Finder Items* New Subfolder* Quit Application* Set Creator Type of Files* Set File Type of Files* Set Modification Date of Finder Items* Show Extension of Finder Items* Unlock Finder Items* Wait for Finder Items



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