FileGuard X5

FileGuard X5

Protect the files by storing them remotely.
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Work with all kinds of data and organize their storage on external devices. Process the files and create portable storage environments to prevent unwarranted access to the settings on a local device. Check the logs of every movement and copying session.

Whether you use your Mac for work, play, or everyday activities at home, it contains a variety of files. You may have music, movies and photos; word-processing documents, spreadsheets and contact information; reports, letters and to-do lists. Most of these files need no special protection, but some of them are confidential: you may have files for your business, personal financial records, private e-mail, instant message transcripts and more. Mac OS X protects your files by requiring a password to access your user account, but hackers, vandals and data-thieves may be able to bypass this protection.

This is even more of a threat if you have a laptop, and use it on the road. If you lose your laptop, it may contain much more than just your vacation pictures and itinerary. Anyone who finds your laptop may be able to not only steal your files, but also your identity.

Identity theft is one of the leading computer security issues today, and the only way to prevent it is to ensure that all your personal and confidential documents are fully protected. FileGuard 10.6 creates virtual safes that provide unbreakable protection for all your sensitive files. You can create as many safes as you want, using them for different types of files: you can create a safe for your e-mail, another for your business documents, another for your financial records, and one for schedules, contacts and calendars. Each safe can have its own password, and when you close a safe, there's no way that anyone can get at its contents. You can set the upper limit of a safe's capacity: it will automatically increase in size to that limit as you add files to it.

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