File Driver

File Driver 1.1

It allows you to Locate, Organize, and Archive your files.
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File Driver is an application for Mac OS X that easily allows you to Locate, Organize, and Archive your files. File Driver utilizes OS X’s built-in metadata capabilities (Spotlight) to uniquely organize your files the way you see fit, making filing and retrieving your data a breeze.

File Driver can easily replace your bulky filing cabinet that holds your bills, receipts, and other various files. File Driver also allows you to efficiently organize files already on your computer, whether they are in an email mailbox, sitting on your Desktop, or hiding in your Downloads folder. While File Driver can easily sift through your recipe collection, it was built to withstand the heavy payload of a corporate client directory that deals with massive amounts of correspondence, media, or other files.

File Driver is fully compatible with your home or office network. So if you have a server or networked hard drive, File Driver is ready to help you get organized.

The beauty of File Driver is that it relies on OS X’s file system, it doesn’t create proprietary data that can’t be accessed outside the program itself. This means that users who don’t have File Driver (even Windows users) can take advantage of a directory that has been organized by someone who does own File Driver.

It’s time to focus on your work rather than preparing and searching for your data so you can work.

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