Fiery 1.0

Take control of a futuristic military weapon — a miniaturized star.
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Take control of a futuristic military weapon — a miniaturized star. The "Arch Fiery" is an advanced prototype. It was designed to protect humanity from the AI threat. But during a routine systems test, something went astray. The fiery orb crash landed into a distant forest. Propulsion systems have been damaged. The Arch Fiery can no longer fly. It can only jump.

Each level is an obstacle course. Guide the fireball to the goal by navigating through the hazards as quickly as possible. If the fireball hits a hazard, it becomes damaged and will shrink. Collect power-ups to increase the size of the fireball.

To move left, use the "A" key or the left arrow key. To move right, use the "D" key or the right arrow key. To jump, use the "W" key or the up arrow key. If the fireball is touching an adjacent wall, a wall-jump can be performed. Some objects can be moved.

Points are awarded at the end of the level, based on stars collected, power and time. If a level is locked, it can be unlocked by completing the preceding level. Progress is automatically saved, so you can play through the game on your own schedule.

You can control the sound and music volume from the pause menu. A third slider is for controlling the amount of particles. To see your cumulative score for a set of levels, you can access the corresponding Game Center Leaderboard. These buttons are on the home screen. Game Center can be enabled or disabled from the home screen.

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