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FeedBoard is an app that shows you news from your Google Reader account.
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FeedBoard is an app that shows you news from your Google Reader account. Google Reader is a cloud-based RSS news client. You can subscribe to any website that uses RSS and have all your news delivered to you in a central location. When you launch FeedBoard, a transparent black background will come up and all your news articles will be displayed. Every few seconds, an article will by cycled to the middle of the screen. You can also manually scroll through them using your mouse scroll button. When you click on a headline, a new tab will be opened on your web browser with that news article. If you look closely, you will see a button at the top of the screen that resembles a little speaker. If you press that button, the application will start using Mac OS X's text-to-speech engine to read you the headlines.

There aren't any other options that you can change. You can't add news sources or manage the ones you have. You can't change the transparency levels or customize the experience.

If you are serious about your news, you probably won't use this app because it isn't efficient enough and it doesn't improve the experience at all. This app can be used only as a screensaver.

José Fernández
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  • It makes a nice screensaver


  • You can't change any settings
  • Can't manage sources
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