FCB Regal Shootout

Free A physics aiming game that takes the form of a side-on basketball shootout.
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FC Barcelona
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FCB Regal Shootout is a physics aiming game that takes the form of a side-on basketball shootout. The player sets the trajectory of the ball from a specific location by clicking and dragging, with the goal to score baskets. An alternating competitive two-player mode is available, as are time-limited, shot-limited, computer-opponent, and free-play modes.

Depending on the game mode, the ball can be as far as the half-court line and as close as directly at the lip of the basket. When setting a trajectory, a curved indicator line appears that illustrates the movement of the ball until its apex. It is not a difficult task to follow the path the line indicates in order to determine where the ball will end up. The timed mode is an enjoyable challenge because it forces quick judgment of the trajectory; in every other mode, it's just a matter of not being overly hasty.

The option to change court sides and the bonuses for clean shots are nice additions, but playing is still a pretty vanilla experience.

Sam's Related Factoid: FCB stands for Futbol Club Barcelona - it's the same club famous for competing in international soccer. The club also has futsal, handball, hockey, and rugby teams. Regal, as anyone who plays this game can see, is the corporate sponsor.

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  • Several modes to choose from
  • Versus mode supports hotseat and choice of three AIs


  • Interface designed for touch screens
  • Overall winning conditions sometimes unclear

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