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Fast Rabbit Typing 1.5

Letters, numbers, and words fall from above.
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Fast Rabbit Software, LLC

Fast Rabbit Typing is an enjoyable game that will help you improve your typing skills. The game includes different categories for practice: letters, numbers, animals, fruits, music, sports, science fiction, and technology, among many others. No matter which category or mode you choose, you will have to type the words or letters as you see them on the screen. The more words or letters (depending on the category) you type, the more points you will get. If any of the words hit the bottom, the game is instantly over.

The game offers three difficulty levels and multiple play modes (drop 100, 10 hit bottom, infinite drop, 3 minutes countdown, and 5 minutes countdown), but the trial version will only allow you to play the 30-second countdown game on any difficulty level. Unfortunately, the game offers a very unattractive user interface, which looks really old; it also has simple sounds, and no music.

In short, even though Fast Rabbit Typing isn't very attractive, the game offers multiple possibilities to improve your typing skills by having fun, so I suggest you try it and see if it works for you.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Many modes
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Enjoyable


  • No music
  • Unattractive user interface
  • Not really customizable
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