Farmscapes Collector's Edition

Play minigames like puzzles and hidden-object games to unlock items.
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Farmscapes Collector's Edition is a very nice and enjoyable time-management game with a farm theme. On every level, you will have a series of tasks that you need to fulfill to move on to the next level. The tasks involve farming tasks and others like planting trees, growing plants, cleaning the barn, etc. In order to achieve the goals, you will first need to find the necessary tools, which may be scattered around the farm. In some cases, you will even need to play enjoyable mini-games like hidden-object games, puzzles, etc. in order to unlock items. These items can be picked up and placed in your inventory for future use.

To know what to do, you should pay attention to the dialogues between the characters and if you are completely lost, you can take a look at the guide, which will explain the order in which you should do all the tasks. The game offers two modes: Relaxed and Timed. If you need help to find an object, you can use hints which are unlimited, but you will need to wait for a couple of minutes before being able to use them again. Hints are represented with a butterfly, which will fly to the corresponding location where an object you need is placed. The game offers lovely and colorful graphics, nice sounds, and pleasant country music.

To conclude, if you like dealing with a very enjoyable and attractive time-management game with an original story, Farmscapes Collector's Edition may be an excellent choice.

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  • Original gameplay
  • Enjoyable
  • Lovely graphics and sounds
  • Great mini-games
  • Extra content


  • No achievements
  • Wait several minutes before being able to use hints again



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