FallingBlocks 1.0

The objective is to manipulate falling blocks by moving them sideways or down.
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Random shapes fall from the top of the screen and the objective is for the player to manipulate these falling blocks by moving them sideways, down, or rotating them by 90 degrees to form horizontal lines without gaps. When a line is formed, it disappears, and any blocks above that line will shift down.

Game play can be varied using combinations of various piece sets that are available. As an added twist, you can even change the size of the game board!

Points are gained by:

Soft drop – moving a piece down quicker than it’s normal drop rate
Hard drop - When you know where you want your piece slam it into position to gain extra points
Clearing Lines – The more lines you clear in a single move the more points you get
Combo’s – Get additional points for back to back clearing of lines

*Game Center leader boards
*3 starting difficulties
*3 piece sets that can be played independently or together
*set 1 has 3 block pieces
*sets 2 and 3 have 5 block pieces
*5 board sizes
*Easy to play touch screen controls
*Endless levels
*Supports iPad as well as the iPhone Retina Display

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