FaceTripper 1.5

Fun Effects that follow your face!
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Fun Effects that follow your face!
** Over 100+ effect combinations **
FaceTripper uses face tracking technology to follow your face and add funny effects in real time. Your friends can get in on the fun because FaceTripper even tracks multiple faces!
Choose from 10 fun effects to apply to the video from your built in iSight. You can save snapshots and send them to others via email or post them on Facebook - all from within the app.
Tell us what you want from FaceTripper at http://facetripper.com/contact !
Just some of FaceTripper's effects:
* Mr. Moustache - its mustache mania!
* Bug Eyes - dilate those pupils - in the extreme.
* Master Mind - make room for that enormous brain of yours.
* Masked - Keep your identity a secret.

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