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Free GET THE BEST FACEBOOK APP FOR FREE! - Now with over 2 Million downloads!
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★★ GET THE BEST FACEBOOK APP FOR FREE! - Now with over 2 Million downloads! ★★
MenuTab takes your Facebook addiction to a whole new level. It is the best app for instantly accessing your Facebook account without having to open your web browser!
With MenuTab, we take advantage of the magic of Facebook to make everything totally real-time, with the latest news from your friends coming straight onto your desktop.
MenuTab is absolutely free and allows you to view and control your News Feed, Profile page, Inbox, Photo albums, Groups, Pages, Events, Notifications and so much more! MenuTab now even supports Poking and Tagging photos, amongst existing features such as updating your status and the 'Like' button! Downloading this should be a total no brainer!
Also, MenuTab now has In-App Purchases for OS X Lion users, who can pay to unlock features such as color coded menubar alerts, opacity control, desktop mode with chat and also disable ads at the bottom of the app window.
After installing, simply click on the MenuTab icon in the top menu bar whenever you want to check your Facebook account. From there, you will be presented with a beautiful little window that contains the brilliant Facebook Touch interface.
We've spent a great deal of time thinking about the details and after using this app for a few days, you'll begin to notice our small yet creative touches. We plan on a very active development cycle, so please spread the word and keep sending us your feedback!
Helpful Hint:
Open the Preferences menu to configure settings such as refresh rate, audio alerts and more.
Legal Note:
- MenuTab is a 3rd party application for Facebook and is in no way endorsed or affiliated with Facebook Inc.
- Facebook and the Facebook Logo are trademarks of Facebook Inc.FaceTab is a desktop Facebook app that runs on your Macs menu bar. The app allows you to have access to Facebook very quickly, since the app constantly runs on your Mac's system menu bar. FaceTab uses the mobile version of Facebook. You can access the app by clicking on its menu bar icon, which will display a large window, where your Facebook feeds will be shown. You can resize this window by dragging and dropping, but after a certain size, most of the FaceTab window will "leave" your screen, so the max size is somewhat limited. To be more specific about this issue, when you drag the window to resize it, the app is enlarged in both directions. And you can't move the window, you can only resize it. That is a small issue though. The app is fully usable in its default size.

From the FaceTab window, you can see what your friends are posting (photos, status updates, etc), you can access your profile, your friends' and your inbox. Since FaceTab seems to use the mobile version of Facebook, you can expect some limitations.

I like that you can launch FaceTab by using a hotkey and that it allows for quick access to status updates and friends' posts. The app is free and you have to get it from the App Store. There is a "pro" version with some neat(er) features, but the same limitations.

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  • It provides quick access to Facebook


  • It uses the mobile version, thus it is limited
  • No chat


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