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multiple item clipboard to save copied text items for later viewing
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Have you ever needed to quickly jot down a note and easily find it later? While Web browsing, have you ever wanted to copy text selections for later reading, without copying and pasting between applications or saving the text to a file? EZNote accomplishes these tasks and more at the touch of a key or a click of a mouse--without having to leave the application you are in. Another key press brings EZNote to the front with a listing of all your notes, which you can edit, delete, search, replace, print, and move from category to category (create as many categories as you like) with ease. EZNote lets you do all standard text editing including changing fonts, styles, sizes, etc. Another extremely handy feature allows you to select text from any note and have EZNote automatically paste the text directly into any document in any running application. EZNote comes with many PlugIns which allow you to modify selected text in any application. Strip Line Feeds from your email, get rid of all email reply >> > characters with one PlugIn call.



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