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smart indexing tool for authors to auto generate indexes from text files
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In the olden days, when creating an index for a book, you'd read each page of the manuscript. Each time you encountered a term or an idea that you wanted to appear in the index, you'd write it down along with the page number. When this process was finished, you'd painstakingly re-sort your list into alphabetical order. Problem: Life is too short. Today, many indexes are prepared by software, which generates an index automatically from your word-processing file. Problem: This system creates index entries only when the actual indexed word appears in the text. If there are 5 pages on the history of the Macintosh, but the actual words "Macintosh history" don't appear on each page, no entry is created. Solution: Use EZIndex! This pair of software tools gives you the efficiency of a software-indexing robot, but the quality and control of a by-hand indexer. If you, like many book authors, are charged for indexing by your publisher, volunteer to do the index yourself. Using EZIndex can save you thousands of dollars on a typical book!



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