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Extensis Portfolio 1.6

Organize, sort and preview your digital asset library.
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Extensis Portfolio is organization with purpose: Digital Asset Management built for speed, beauty and simplicity. Built for collections of up to 10 million assets, this is the file manager to get them organized into a meaningful, usable collection. Browse, preview and search for files with Portfolio using lightning-fast elasticsearch technology. Automated keyword creation and stunning previews make it simple to sift through millions of media files in milliseconds. Store all file types (image, graphic, video, text, etc.) in their highest quality formats and quickly convert them on-the-fly. No more duplicates. File requests, conversions and unnecessary back-and-forth communications are the enemy of productivity. Your customers - both internal and external - can more easily access your collection independently through self-service web portals. Select and share only the files that you want to expose on simple, easy-to-publish responsive FastSiteTM websites - no knowledge of HTML or CSS required. With options that cover everything from web publishing to mobile upload, select precisely what meets your requirements.
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