Explain Everything Player

Explain Everything Player 4.2

Play EXPLAIN or XPL files created in the Explain Everything app.
4.2 (See all)
View projects created in the Explain Everything whiteboard and screencasting app and saved them in the EXPLAIN or XPL formats. Play these files moved straight from your iPad on your Mac without the need to convert them in common video files, like MP4 videos. The application also handles puppet animation projects saved as IPT files created in the PhotoPuppet HD app for iPad.

Plays .XPL screencast projects created using Explain Everything on iPad. You can play EE projects directly transferred from your iPad, without the need for compressing them into MP4 movies.
Explain Everything is an easy-to-use design tool for iPad that lets you annotate, animate, and narrate explanations and presentations. You can create dynamic interactive lessons, activities, assessments, and tutorials using Explain Everything's flexible and integrated design. Use Explain Everything as an interactive whiteboard using the iPad 2 (and the new iPad) video display.

As an added bonus, EE Player also plays .IPT puppet animation projects created using PhotoPuppet HD for iPad.
Please note that EE Player will play only projects created in Explain Everything version 1.71 and later.
For more information about Explain Everything, please visit http://www.explaineverything.com/

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