eXpertComedy Writer

eXpertComedy Writer 7.0

write original comedy with creativity software

eXpertSystem was originally crafted specifically FOR comedy - and this collection of creative modules plus eXpertSystem is designed to bring out your comedic genuis. Built on eXpertSystem 7.0 and eXpertLingo, eXpertComedy Writer includes the following:
eXpertSpeech: For developing your comic ideas into truly entertaining presentations, and providing the tools to present yourself with knowledge and confidence.
eXpertWriter: Helping you to better clarify, enrich and expand on your point of view. eXpertSystem's Creative Writing Module also assists you in generating the template to keep your writing cohesive and focused. Add metaphors and colloquialisms that come from eXpertSystem by the barge-load, and you have a phenomenal, unlimited writing machine.
eXpertScreenwriter: Facts tell, stories sell. And having an award winning tool to assist in creating strong stories around you, your speil, or your situation is critical to developing an end-to-end performance. This module assists in every element of story development, making them easier to create, and faster to produce. Used by thousands of comics and screenwriters the world over to craft some of the most creative and infectious stories ever to hit the stage.
eXpertEvaluate: This module prompts you with questions designed to look at a situation from fresh perspectives, and ask those "what if" questions that help you think outside the expected. Seeing the things that others miss is often at the root of great comedy.
What's new in this version:
Idea-prompting questions that help you come up with new thoughts and inspire great comedy Allows unlimited expansion with the addition of eXpert plugin modules Now with over 1,000,000 words and over 400,000 images - find fresh ideas and new combinations. Comes stock with eXpertLingo, eXpertAd, eXpertEvaluator, eXpertSpeaker, eXpertWriter, and eXpertScreenwriter modules Develop your lines, and achieve creative breakthroughs on demand

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