Escape from Frankensteins Castle

Escape from Frankensteins Castle 2.0

A puzzle-adventure thriller inspired in the classic story by Mary Shelley.
2.0 (See all)
Spark Plug Games, LLC.

After a horrible accident, Hannah finds herself trapped in Dr. Frankenstein's castle. With guidance from a resident ghost, Hannah quickly realizes that Dr. Frankenstein is conducting strange experiments that put both her and her missing fiancée in grave danger. Guide Hannah as she uncovers clues about the doctor's plan, rescues her fiancé and solves numerous puzzles in this puzzle-adventure thriller!

An original creation by Spark Plug Games, Escape from Frankenstein's Castle comes from inspiration in the classic monster story by Mary Shelley, but with a modern twist. Can you solve the mysteries that lie within the castle, and escape with your fiancée?

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