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EPPE is a dictionary app to translate Polish words to English and vice versa.
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EPPE (the name is an acronym and stands for English-Polish Polish-English) is a typical dictionary application. It allows to translate Polish words to English and vice versa. It is based on a freely available database of definitions.
The dictionary contains about 19000 English and about 12500 Polish definitions.

The user interface is as simple as possible. Just type the word you're looking for in the search field and it will be looked up in the dictionary immediately. Not sure how to spell it? Try typing in a few leading letters of the word and EPPE will show you all matching definitions while you're typing. Toggling languages reuires just a single click. The application window contains only the most essential functions; more advanced features are available via the menu bar.

The database layer used by EPPE is based on hipercom's own Objective-C interface to the award winning SQLite database engine.

EPPE seamlessly integrates with the operating system, being available as one of the system services. It means you can select a word in any application and make eppe find its definition, simply by selecting an appropriate entry from the system Services menu.

You can easily extend the dictionary by adding new definitions via a built-in editor. Existing dictionary entries are aditable as well. There's a feature planned for future versions of EPPE, allowing the users to interchange the edited entries via the Internet. This way the dictionary will grow by the collective effort.

Each definition from the EPPE's dictionary can be printed (either directly to a printer or saved to PDF) and exported to an external RTF file (the RTF files are supported by the standard Textedit application in Mac OS X).

EPPE contains functions to back up and restore your dictionary. They prevent you from loosing your dictionary extensions when you upgrade to a more recent version.

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