EOS Image Manager 1.0

Rejoice in the absence of any spyware, missing features, and banner ads.
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EOS Image Manager is Open-Source/Freeware:
Rejoice in the glorious absence of any spyware, nag-ware dialogs, missing features, and banner ads. Plus, the entire, functional application is yours for free.

Popular Image Format Support:
All popular image formats can be read and manipulated (JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PICT, PNG, BMP, PDF and others).

No Directory or Filename Weirdness:
Keep your images where YOU want them with the filenames YOU choose. iPhoto and other applications create directories with names like "01" - making it impossible to backup or find the images you want without the application that created them. EOS Image Manager does not lock you in to any particular naming/organization schemes.

Full-Screen Slide Show with Floating Control Panel:
Preferences include settings for adjustable image sourcing, ordering, and time intervals of 0-60 seconds.

Tab-based Interface with Toolbar:
Tabs mean ease of use with minimal clutter (no multiple-windows to navigate), and a fully customizable Toolbar means you can configure the interface to suit your needs.

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