Enigma 1.0

Can you crack the code and find out what’s in the Enigma Briefcase?
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The last email I received from my Aunt Ethel told of a mysterious briefcase fashioned from gold that she had received in the mail from the estate of a dearly departed friend. After two weeks of hearing nothing from my Auntie, I swung by her house and let myself in. My search of her home eventually lead me to an upstairs parlor where I discovered the golden briefcase, closed and locked. There was no sign of my Aunt.

It’s been three days now, and I’m very close to opening the briefcase. I’m convinced the answer lies within. If it weren’t for these annoying little folk that keep calling me “monkey” I would feel more confident. I’m not a monkey! Really. But I must find out what happened to Aunt Ethel…

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