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With Langenscheidt Professional Dictionaries, you’ll always have a reliable and extensive reference work to hand.
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With Langenscheidt Professional Dictionaries, you’ll always have a reliable and extensive reference work to hand. Ideal for professional translations at work or college, as well as for travel and everyday use.
Langenscheidt Professional-Wörterbuch Englisch:
• Around 148,000 entries (800,000 headwords, expressions and translations)
• Translates from and into German (German-English-German)
• Up-to-date vocabulary from all general language style levels
• Extensive specialist terminology from all major fields
• Additional information: examples of use, indicators showing distinctions between various meanings, grammar explanations
• A comprehensive reference work for professional translations at the workplace, for teachers and students
Application features:
• Search through dictionary headwords.
• Fulltext search mode – to search for usage examples.
• List of similar words in case of misspelling.
• Wildcard Search if you are unsure of the exact word spelling. Use “?” and “*” symbols to replace the missing letters.
• Morphology module to translate words in any grammatical form (for English, French, Spanish and Russian dictionaries).
• Look up from other applications - while working in other applications you can easily and quickly look up any desired word without leaving that application.
• Search through Favorites.
• Search history - while you are using the dictionary, it saves all looked up and viewed words/phrases in the History.
Learning features:
• Audio pronunciations recorded by native speakers.
• Irregular verbs.
• Word forms.
Interface features:
• Quick access to virtual keyboard.
• Synchronization of dictionary language with the keyboard input source.
• Favorites - to quickly access frequently searched words.
• Enlarge or reduce font size for your comfort.
About Langenscheidt Publishing Group
The Langenscheidt Publishing Group is best known for its area of core competence: dictionaries and language learning material in various formats and on diverse media. Langenscheidt sets the highest editorial and production standards for all the products it publishes. The corporate logo, a blue “L” on a yellow background, is instantly recognized by many people all over the world.

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