ENet plugin

ENet plugin 1.6

REAL Studio and Xojo plugin that provides ENet sockets.
1.6 (See all)
Einhugur Software

ENet's purpose is to provide a relatively thin, simple and robust network communication layer on top of UDP (User Datagram Protocol). The primary feature it provides is optional reliable, in-order delivery of packets. ENet is used a lot in gaming. See more about ENet at http://enet.bespin.org/.
What's new in this version:
- Linked against the new ENet 1.3.12 instead of 1.3.4.
- Now also ships with a Xojo plugin. The Xojo plugin comes in the new Xojo format and is compiled with newer SDK.
- Plugin segments come code signed on MacOS X systems.
- Documentation now also ships as docset for the awesome Dash viewer from http://kapeli.com/dash.
- Fixed the plugin to work with more modern Linux distros.

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