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Encrypt Mail lets you easily send encrypted emails and attachments.
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Encrypt Mail lets you easily send encrypted emails and attachments.
As Businesses rely increasingly on electronic mail to correspond with co-workers, colleagues and their customers, more sensitive and confidential information is transferred over Internet, and the need for email privacy becomes omnipresent. This is especially true with the high volume of businesses sending invoices as PDF attachments as well as other personal documents. Now more than ever, encryption is the only solution to protect email correspondence from prying eyes.
What is Encrypt Mail?
Perfect for both personal and business use, Encrypt Mail is an easy-to-use client for sending encrypted emails and encrypted attachments. Mac based recipients will receive a DMG password protected file. Windows and Linux based recipients will receive a ZIP password protected archive instead. All contacts are handled in a convenient list separated from Mac OS X's built in Address Book.
Encrypt Mail is an alternative solution to manual encryption or PSE keys. To send a message, simply double-click a person in the contact list and a new message window appears already addressed. To send an encrypted file, drag the file over the recipient's name and check the encryption option. Encrypt Mail will then ask the user to provide a password of the their choice to protect the archive. The application also offers the possibility to anonymize the names of the file attachments to be sent. Encrypt Mail does not store sent files and even has an option to prevent tracking of sent messages.
Feature Highlights:
- Perfect for Business - Send PDF Invoices, Statements and Personal Correspondence
- Easy to Use - Send File Attachments via Drag & Drop
- Support for both .dmg and .zip File Compression

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