Encoding Master

Encoding Master 1.66

A small utility for dealing with the numerous text encodings.
1.66 (See all)

A small utility for dealing with the numerous text encodings there are in the modern computing world.
If you are in a mess with text encodings, Encoding Master could help! It can convert text in Shift-JIS to UTF-16-LE, or MacArabic to WinArabic, or WinHebrew to UTF-8, or anything to anything else! (at least where it concerns text encodings).
- Convert text to and from any encoding!
- Conversion has a "preview" window, which allows you to make sure that you know how your text will turn out.
- Preview window auto-guesses the encoding for you! Unsure if you have UTF-8, UTF-16 or UTF-16-LE? EncodingMaster will tell you!
- Batch processing! All the features can be done in batches, even on files in different folders.
- Convert text in the clipboard.
- Handy little up and down arrow buttons lets you quickly test all the encodings to see which one fits your text file.

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