Emicsoft iPad Converter for Mac

Emicsoft iPad Converter for Mac 3.2

This app lets you convert your video files to play them on your iPad.

Emicsoft iPad Converter for Mac is an application that can be used to convert your video files so that you can play them on your iPad. As you may already know, not every video file can be played on the iPad or on other Apple devices. The supported formats by these devices are H.264, MPEG-4, M4V and MOV. If your video file is not encoded in one of those formats, then you can use this app to solve that problem.

When you open a file with Emicsoft iPad Converter for Mac, you will be able to select the desired conversion format or conversion profile from a drop-down menu. The conversion profiles are pre-configured conversion settings optimized for a specific device. There are about fifty profiles available, for pretty much all the Apple devices. Even older devices like the iPhone 3G are supported. Some of the profiles let you keep the resolution of your HD files. Most of them are for SD files, though.

The application also comes with a very complete video editor that can be used to trim, crop and adjust some of the properties of your videos, like brightness, contrast and saturation.

According to the "About window", the application seems to have been last updated in 2011. Now new features have been added for some time and I don't think they will be added soon. Most other Emicsoft converters were last updated in 2010, so this one isn't as old, but I would like to see some support from the developer for a piece of software that costs nearly thirty dollars.

José Fernández
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  • Nice number of profiles
  • Video editor


  • No new updates for a while now
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