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Emby Server 4.4

A server that stores multimedia contents and streams them to other devices.
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Emby Server is part of a client-server package intended to let you enjoy multimedia contents from a single location. In this regard, Emby Server is complemented with apps that can be installed on various types of devices and operating systems. The idea is to store all the media files on your server, while the other devices feed from those contents via streaming.

The server can be managed through a web interface, which, luckily, it opens automatically when you run Emby Server on your computer. Yet, this has the advantage of allowing to access the application from any other of the connected devices by simply entering the dedicated URL on the browser. It has the form of a dashboard and easily adapts to the type of device, including smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.

The tool can stream media contents, which it automatically converts to match the target device’s specifications. However, it is a shame that the application not always worked as expected, particularly when connecting to Chromecast devices. Likewise, the client app has limitations in terms of playback functions.

All in all, Emby Server, together with the client apps, lets you access your personal multimedia contents from practically any device. It can be used for free but with several limitations. For instance, you cannot download media to portable devices, synchronize contents to the cloud or automatically convert media. However, you can avoid them by buying a Premiere license.

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  • Web interface accessible from any device
  • Automatic conversion to match the target device’s specifications


  • May have problems to connect to Chromecast devices
  • Limitations in terms of playback functions
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