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Designed to catalog and manage collections.
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EmbARK is a user-friendly suite of software tools designed to catalog and manage collections. Whether you use Cataloguer or Collections Manager, you'll find that EmbARK's solutions are the optimal way to document your collection. And with Web Kiosk and the Authoring Tool, the virtual world can enjoy your collection too. EmbARK operates natively on both Windows and Macintosh workstations and/or servers. It can operate as a stand-alone desktop application or provide access to multiple concurrent users with a client/server implementation. EmbARK Cataloguer Educational organizations, visual resource libraries and private collectors across the globe use Cataloguer to effectively manage images, and record scholarly and technical information about objects. Cataloguer supports multiple digital media files per record and automatically generates reference thumbnails. Group records into thematic portfolios, or locate them through comprehensive search options. Import/export tools allow you to easily migrate data in or out of Cataloguer, and the report writer lets you design elegant reports and labels. EmbARK Collections Manager While incorporating the standard features of Cataloguer, Collections Manager also tracks all aspects of an object's history and use. Manage such activities as acquisitions, conservation, exhibitions, loans, shipping, valuations and more. Customize default EmbARK reports to create wall labels, incoming and outgoing receipts, checklists and letters. If you start out with EmbARK Cataloguer, you can always upgrade to EmbARK Collections Manager in the future by simply paying the difference in price. We'll send a new serial numbers and you'll instantly have access to the additional functionality.



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