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Email marketing has become a key feature for any business willing to keep up.
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Modern society is shifting towards shopping online at a very fast pace, and email marketing has become a key feature for any business willing to keep up. Instead of dealing with random people you hardly know, you now have to maintain a database of customers you find online. You need to find new customers and notify the existing ones about new products and services to build a strong foundation for your 21st century business. We offer a targeted email marketing software solution that has all necessary features to communicate with all your customers in a very advanced and efficient way.
Email Marketing Courier package lets you do the following:
maintain a database of existing customers in a very efficient way;
customize recipient data fields in your customer database;
use recipient groups to communicate with customers on different topics at the same time;
maintain a list of easy-to-switch email message templates in plain-text, rich-text and HTML formats;
deliver personalized email messages to your customers at the speed of light;
deploy an automated subscription management;
import data from any other software or database;
export your database to any other software or database;
remove bad email addresses and manages bounce backs automatically;
schedule sending and limit sending speed with throttling.

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