eMagic Coloring Book

eMagic Coloring Book 3.07

Magic-themed, coloring program for kids of all ages (Adobe Air).
3.07 (See all)
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eMagic Coloring Book lets kids use animated tools that "come to life" to help them create and share digital masterpieces. Dozens of colors and textures can be used to paint a variety of pages from categorized books. This version includes the "Animals" and the "Dinosaurs" books and new books are automatically downloaded to your "Library" as they become available. Children can easily and safely share creations as e-greetings with a few simple steps. Every page can be colored over and over again but can also be exported or printed with the click of a button. Parents can rest easier knowing that eMagic Coloring Book runs full-screen and blocks some of the common mistakes kids make to accidentally open the task-bar, close the program or inadvertently access other programs on the computer.

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