Egg-Timer Counter

Egg-Timer Counter 1.1

Egg Timer is a simple count-down timer application.

Egg Timer is a simple count-down timer application.
Use the up-down arrows to adjust the start time, or enter the start time using the keyboard. Press the 'Set' button to set the timer to the selected start time. Then use the 'Start' and 'Stop' buttons to start and stop the timer. Once the count-down has ended, an alert window will open and system beeps will be played in 1 second intervals until the alert window is dismissed by pressing the 'OK' button.
What's new in this version:
Changed name from "Egg Timer" to "Egg-Time Counter" due to an existing app with the same name. Improved graphics. Added Color options. Added option to suspend screensaver while timer is running Removed controls from timer window and made the timer controllable via menu items. Added option to display timer in fullscreen mode. Added clickable "Run Status" icon. Added built-in help.

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