eAuthorize 5.2

FileMaker plugin for credit card/echeck authorizing.
5.2 (See all)
Waves in Motion

Process credit cards or electronic checks right from within your FileMaker solutions. You can enhance your solutions by providing a direct connection to the trillion-dollar industry of electronic transactions. Simply by adding one field and one relationship, developers are able to add credit card authorization to any solution. This is a revolutionary new "black-box" method of integration that saves developers time and gives them added reliability.
What's new in this version:
The eAuthorize 5.2 plug-in extends the functionality of FileMaker Pro by providing a method to process credit card transactions and electronic checks directly from your FileMaker Solution. eAuthorize 5.2 connects to your online payment gateway to process your payments instantly and securely.
Direct integration of your payment processing provides a significant advantage when designing a FileMaker Pro solution that must handle payments, sales, inventory, order fulfillment, etc. With eAu...

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