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EasyWMA is an audio file converter of WMA files for the Mac.
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Patrice Bensoussan

This application is an audio file converter for the Mac. As its name suggests, it specializes in the conversion of WMA files. The program supports other formats, though, and you can head on to the developer's website to check the full list. A few days ago, I had to help a friend who had ripped a CD into WMA when he was a Windows user to put those files on his iPhone. iTunes for Mac doesn't convert WMA (its Windows counterpart does), so I had to look for a solution. The first app that came up on forums and Yahoo questions was EasyWMA, so I decided to give it a try.

The first thing that I noticed about this app is how simple its graphical user interface is. When you open the app, you will see a very small window. There aren't many buttons on it and the only important thing you need to look at is the format drop-down menu. Here, you will select what files you want to convert. I left everything unchanged when I was testing it, because the default format is M4A, which is compatible with iTunes and Apple devices. To add files, I simply dragged and dropped them to the interface, and the app started converting them automatically. They were converted in less than 10 seconds or so (almost an entire CD). The converted files didn't give me any problems. I added them to iTunes and to my friend's iPhone and that was it.

EasyWMA has a demo that lets you test the app but it will only convert 15 seconds of your audio files. That is all I needed to see that the app worked, and I convinced my friend to buy it. Of course, I am sure there are free alternatives out there, but this one worked very well and it saved me much time.

José Fernández
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